Happy Sunday ya’ll. I hope you all have  had an awesome weekend. It has rained literally 3 days straight in Manchester. I hate the miserable weather but I knew I had SundayI d to look forward to as I was lucky enough to get invited down to a gorgeous Mother’s Day Champagne Brunch at Côte Brasserie.

I am a serious bruncher – I love late breakfast and in Manchester, we are pretty lucky enough to have a varied choice of breaky spots. Safe to say I have visited them all..nearly. I have been to Côte for dinner a couple of times but I didn’t even know they did breakfast! I decided to take my boyfriend as its a rarity that he is free to come along when I get invited to yummy food things.

We was greeted by our own little table right by the window, I love watching the rain from inside, something so calming about it. I was then handed some gorgeous fresh flowers donated by the Manchester Florist – such a lovely touch as I never really have flowers       (hint hint Jake)

To start I had a soya latte ( obviously) and my boy had a English breakfast tea which came in a traditional English teapot – cayotee. The waiter then came and handed us a glass of bubbles, which was surprisingly nice,even at 10am! Food wise, I decided to go for the veggie breakfast and Jake the full English . The menu said it included a veggie sausage, which I am always quite intrigued how they will turn out. I don’t really like the fried ones as they are a little too grease ball for me. It wasn’t fried and was delish though, it had a really earthy taste and I think I could taste some yummy pine nuts in there too! I am avo mad too and there was a healthy portion of it. I was really torn between the Veg breaky or the french toast too, a tough decision to make a 10am. Hmmm maybe next time?

I think Côte is such a classy place to take your loved ones but also it isn’t snotty like you might expect from a sophisticated restaurant like this. It also takes you away from the normal spots usually located in the Northern Quarter , I am always around there so its nice to try something new. The menu has a real good range too, especially for the veggies/vegans like me. The chef is pretty open to changing your order and accommodating any diet needs – a win for me.


Do you like brunch? Has anybody been to Côte Brasserie before? 

Côte Brasserie, 4-12 St Mary’s Street, Manchester, M3 2LB


  1. OMG there’s nothing in this world I love more than breakfast! I usually go to Moose Coffee or Federal, but I’m bookmarking this one to try on the weekend as it looks so good! Xx


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